Personalized Medicine Market - Advances in Human Genomics and Proteomics to Challenge Traditional Therapeutics

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Publication Date: 2010-12-01

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The report provides key data, information and analysis of the major trends and issues in Personalized Medicine Market. The report provides a comprehensive insight into the role of Human Genomics and Proteomics to challenge traditional therapeutics. The report also provides a detailed analysis of market characterization of personalized medicine market in terms of its market size, segmentation by key geography types and the major market drivers and barriers. The report also talks about the patent landscape for human genomics and proteomics and provides comprehensive analysis.


The scope of the report includes:

  • Detailed overview of Personalized Medicine Market in pharmaceutical industry along with their use, efficiency and limitation.
  • Annualized market data from 2007 and forecast forward till 2016 along with segmentation by geography.
  • Key market drivers and restraints shaping the Personalized Medicine Market.
  • Competitive landscape analysis with competitive profiling of leading companies.
  • Analysis of partnership deals from 2006 to 2010
  • Analysis of M&A deals from 2005 to 2010 along with segmentation by value geography and companies.

    Reasons to buy

    The report will enhance your decision making capability. It will allow you to
  • Develop better strategies for personalized medicine market research by understanding the market dynamics.
  • Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies by identifying the key development area
  • Understand the factors shaping the Personalized Medicine Market
  • For understanding the role of Human Genomics and Proteomics to challenge traditional therapeutics.
  • Identify the key players best positioned to take the advantage of the opportunities in the global market.
  • Exploit partnership and acquisition opportunities by identifying the products that could fill the portfolio gaps.
  • Table of Contents

  • 1 Table of Contents 4
  • 2 Personalized Medicine Market: Market Overview 10
  • 3 Personalized Medicine Market: Drivers and Barriers 15
  • 4 Personalized Medicine Market – Personalized Therapeutics and Diagnostics 19
  • 5 Personalized Medicine Market: Selected Pipeline Product Profiles 80
  • 6 Personalized Medicine Market: Research Trends in Personalized Medicine 88
  • 7 Personalized Medicine Market: Competitive Landscape 89
  • 8 Personalized Medicine Market: Conclusion 117
  • 9 Personalized Medicine Market: Appendix 118
  • 1.1 List of Tables
  • 1.2 List of Figures
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