Diagnostic Imaging Market to 2016 - Nuclear Imaging Systems and Ultrasound Systems to be the Key Revenue Generators

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Publication Date: 2010-08-30

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The report provides market landscape, competitive landscape and market trends information on six diagnostic imaging market categories – Computed Tomography Systems, Mammography Equipment, MRI Systems, Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Ultrasound Systems, and X-Ray Systems. The report provides comprehensive information on the key trends affecting these categories, and key analytical content on the market dynamics. The report also reviews the competitive landscape, key pipeline products and technology offerings.

This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by our team of industry experts.


  • Key geographies covered include the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, India, Australia, and Brazil.
  • Market size and company share data for six diagnostic imaging market categories – Computed Tomography Systems, Mammography Equipment, MRI Systems, Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Ultrasound Systems, and X-Ray Systems.
  • Annualized market revenues data from 2002 to 2009, forecast forward for 7 years to 2016. Company shares data for 2009.
  • Qualitative analysis of key market trends, market drivers, and restraints by each category within the diagnostic imaging market.
  • The report also covers information on the leading market players, the competitive landscape, and the leading pipeline products and technologies.
  • Key players covered include GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Toshiba Medical Systems and Hitachi Medical.

    Reasons to buy
  • Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments that are driving the diagnostic imaging market globally.
  • Design and develop your product development, marketing and sales strategies.
  • Exploit M&A opportunities by identifying market players with the most innovative pipeline.
  • Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies.
  • Identify key players best positioned to take advantage of the emerging market opportunities.
  • Exploit in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities by identifying products, most likely to ensure a robust return.
  • What’s the next being thing in the diagnostic imaging market landscape? – Identify, understand and capitalize.
  • Make more informed business decisions from the insightful and in-depth analysis of the global diagnostic imaging market and the factors shaping it.
  • Table of Contents

  • 1 Table of Contents 4
  • 2 Introduction 11
  • 3 Diagnostic Imaging: Market Characterization 12
  • 4 Global Diagnostic Imaging Market: Category Analysis and Forecasts 20
  • 5 Global Diagnostic Imaging Market: Country Analysis and Forecasts 57
  • 6 Global Diagnostic Imaging Market: Competitive Assessment 85
  • 7 Global Diagnostic Imaging Market: Consolidation Landscape 98
  • 8 Appendix 105
  • 1.1 List of Tables
  • 1.2 List of Figures
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