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  • DailyUpdates: Today's PubMed entriesDailyUpdates was launched in 2002 by the pharmaceutical analysts Lead Discovery to provide the R&D sector with a unique intelligence tool.
  • We use proprietary search engine technology to identify breaking journal articles, press releases and clinical trial information of potential interest to the R&D sector. Unlike any other service, selected content is assessed by a panel of industrial experts so that only the information of direct use to the drug development sector is included on DailyUpdates.
  • All information is packaged up into 11 therapeutic channels combining ease of use with comprehensive and focused tracking of the drug development sector
  • What is covered:

  • Breaking publicationsPubMed lists over 100,000 new scientific articles from hundreds of journals weekly. Your library may subscribe to many of these but do you have the time to scan them all to identify papers of interest? DailyUpdates is the tool to help. Our panel of industrial experts selects, from a short list generated using proprietary search technology, breaking publications of greatest relevance to drug development. All listed papers link straight through to the publishers abstract from where the full paper can be ordered in just a few steps
  • Drug Development NewsNumerous news feeds deliver breaking news from around the pharmabiotech arena. From the thousands of news stories released each day we identify those relevant to new clinical data and regulatory activity. Old news and duplicates are filtered out leaving 10-20 of the top news items that link straight through to original sources on company websites
  • New trialsLeadDiscovery¬ís proprietary ClinSearch technology identifies new clinical trials. This information offers a key insight into drug develop and lifecycle management often providing insight into activity long before such information is made available on company websites.
  • Pipeline & Market Research ReportsIf you require in depth analysis of markets and pipelines you will be aware of the multitude of market research reports. DailyUpdates lets its readers know about these reports as they are published and offers a convenient way of ordering those of interest
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