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As a service to drug discovery personnel LeadDiscovery has established a page linking to other websites offering services to the R&D community. If your website relates to one of the categories below please feel free to submit your website to us using our feedback form. Please note that each suggested link will be visited by our editorial team and only those relevent to LeadDiscovery's core area of interest will be included.

Project Management

Bodiam Consulting Limited Are you a small to mid-sized drug development organization? Are you looking to accelerate the development of your preclinical pipeline without embarking on a major recruitment drive? Founded on a wealth of pharmaceutical experience, Bodiam Consulting specializes in building and managing project development teams from a network of contract research organizations.

Scientific Equipment

Harvard Apparatus: Specialty applications and products for drug discovery Harvard Apparatus is a 102 year old company developing products that reduce the bottle necks in drug discovery. Part of this process over the 102 years, is to be an integral part of the scientific communities communication vehicle for important information about enhancements or specialty areas in life science /bioresearch applications and product areas. The Biotechnology Technology Update was developed to fulfill that role utilizing the web.

Biological Services

BioMedCode Hellas S.A: Provides full evaluation of therapeutics in unique complex transgenic animal models of human inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

BSRC "Alexander Fleming": Biomedical Science Research Center involved in research areas covering immunology, molecular biology and genetics and molecular oncology.

MUGEN NoE: MUGEN Network of Excellence aims to structure and shape a world class framework of European scientific and technological excellence in the field of “murine models for immunological disease”.

Polygenic Pathways: This site catalogues the genes and environmental risk factors associated with Alzheimer's disease, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Multiple interactions between the protein products of the genes are annotated, with links to ENTREZ, Pubmed, Biocarta and Kegg pathways.

Compound libraries & Chemistry Services A categorized list of companies providing compounds and compound libraries, building blocks, combinatorial chemistry libraries, HTS equipment, custom synthesis, lead optimization, and services that support drug discovery in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

SystematiChem™: is an innovative new software system that fills a critical niche in the synthesis planning and development process that until now could not be accomplished with any other available software product, and provides the organic chemist with a new tool for finding novel synthetic routes during the retrosynthesis process. A free online information source for Drug Discovery, Combinatorial Chemistry, High-Throughput Synthesis, High-Throughput Screening, and Lab Automation.

Compound screening

Urosphere is a pre-clinical Contract Research Organization offering pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies an innovative research platform in Urology (overactive bladder, stress urinary incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia, sexual dysfunctions) and Nephrology (diabetic nephropathy, renal fibrosis, renal ischemia/reperfusion). UROsphere offers in vitro models using human and animal tissues and state-of-the-art pharmacological and pathophysiological animal models. Let UROsphere establish the pre-clinical proof of concept for your drug candidates.

Pharmaceutical News & Information Services

IPTonline The archive of published papers from Innovations in Pharmaceutical: Technology, designed to keep you informed of the latest ideas, cutting-edge technologies and innovations shaping the future of pharmaceutical research, development and manufacturing. Pharmaceutical news; updated daily. is the web information portal dedicated to the field of pharmacogenomics. Updated on a daily basis, the unique mix of exclusive interviews, specialist supplier listings, event and new product news makes this a one-stop-shop for essential information. Information of latest technological developments and events.

ClusterMed™ is a powerful research tool that automatically organizes PubMed search results into categories so that researchers are no longer presented with just pages and pages of results. By using ClusterMed™, biologists and drug discovery researchers easily discover insights that previously required hours of literature review.

Conference Organizers

The Institute for Scientific Exchange Inc: formed in 1997; is a for profit organization devoted to the enhancement of communication among three sectors within science community: regulatory agencies, industrial corporations, and academic institutions. The vision in creating ISE, Inc. was to develop a company that enhances the exchange of information in the scientific community. ISE, Inc. has experience in scientific event production, as well as science-related publications. The company has extensive experience with the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and information technology industries.

Management Forum organise conferences and seminars on topics relevant to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Events cover a variety of areas including: production manufacturing, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, clinical trials, research and development, therapeutics, respiratory medicine, marketing, health economics, quality assurance, patents and trade marks and licensing.


Bodiam Consulting Limited is fast building a growing portfolio of specialist project management training programmes with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. To enhance project management in your organisation, training and development packages can be tailored to your requirements and aligned with your company’s strategy and evolutionary stage from start up to blue chip organisations

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