About us

Boasting a strong base in pharmaceutical R&D, LeadDiscovery was launched to support the drug development sector. Our aim is to apply our industrial experience to the identification and development of cutting edge research and therapeutic candidates.

LeadDiscovery is a small UK based operation established in 1998 by CEO, Dr Jon Goldhill (former preclinical research manager at Sanofi-Synthelabo). We combine deep-rooted experience of drug development with an on-line framework designed to disseminate cutting edge research and therapeutic candidates around the world.

Academic institutions and small biotechnology companies are under increasing pressure to commercialize their research & development. Larger companies are being required to maintain a cost effective and high-throughput research pipe-line. LeadDiscovery sits at the center of this sector helping companies to identify commercially viable R&D options from within small biotechs and the public sector.

Although our business is the delivery of information related to the drug discovery process, our focus is on adding value to the information that we supply. Much of the information that we provide is already in the public domain. Our value add centers on our ability to use a wealth of industrial experience to ensure that only the most important and relevant information is identified and delivered